It has begun.

It has begun.

Jessica: Can you believe it’s finally December first? Time to reveal the big secret we’ve been talking about. I figure a little convo between the two of us will be a fun way to announce it. What do you think?

Marissa: I think it will extend the mystery, which makes me want to steeple my fingers and say, “Mwahahahaa.” I’m in.

Jessica: So, how do you think we should describe this thing?

Marissa: “A full literary service company that will act as a one stop shop for authors, whether they’re taking the traditional or self-publishing route.”

Jessica: We should probably remember to add “corporate professionals,” since we’re offering professional blog services. Corporations and lawyers were always my most common client.

Marissa: Maybe we could hire a blog writer for this; we are going to be very busy!! 😉

Jessica: Ooo… Or we could give the position to a shiny new intern. Someone who’s been wanting to break into the field, but doesn’t quite know how. Give them a few bylines they can share with the world.

Marissa: OOOOH! Internssssss!!! I can think of a few amazing people who’d fit that bill.

Jessica: So, let’s see. We should probably give everyone a list of just who we’re looking for. Since this is just the start of something even bigger, I’m open to taking on a few interns in each area, aren’t you?

Marissa: Indeed!

Jessica: We’ll still need to put them through the grind, and we’ll need a professional working with each one, so our clients get the service quality they expect. *wields skillet* We’ll have no slackers.

Marissa: Jess, hide the skillet until they’ve signed their names in blood. Then they can’t escape.

Jessica: Good thinking! *swaps skillet for rose*

Marissa: Clip the thorns, clip the thorns!!

Jessica: Ugh. You’re no fun.

Marissa: There’s no time for fun right now! We’re starting a business! Well, it’s a fun business. Because it’s ours!!

Jessica: Abso-fruit-ly.

Marissa: Okay, let’s post this so we can get an onslaught of applications!

Jessica: Not quite yet. First, let’s list what professionals we’re looking for. OH wait. We have a flyer for that:

we're hiring flyer - PSLitServices

Jessica: Now… Just wait until they see what we have in store for January 2016!

Marissa: SHH!! The world isn’t ready for that yet!

Jessica: Okay… secret project